Manage organizational resources efficiently and flexibly

Implementing a personnel planning system, like the cycle of employee changes and providing them with experiences that contribute to the organization of personnel improvements in an overall manner.

Complex restructuring solutions

Business models with multiple industries, services and locations can have organizational structure charts easily established.

Changing and adjusting positions

It’s easy to change and adjust an entire position on an organizational structure chart.

Flexible Positioning and Development

Flexible positioning system for the unified development of human resources.

Employee Information

Corporate-wide manage all employee information.

Self-Implementation Process

Independently carry out the processes involved in implementing personnel changes using the company’s system.

Guidelines for New Employees

New employees must know what tasks to perform to integrate into the business environment.

Responsibility Management and Approval

Easily handle the capacity of tasks of a manager to carry out approvals.

Developing and utilizing electronic signatures

Develop electronic signatures and utilize them in your company’s digital signature process.

Human Resources System

All your data in one location in the company’s human resources system.

Overall Vision

Have a clear view of human resources for timely adjustments and development.

The development of human resources

Track the development and quality of human resources over time.

Rewards and Incentives

Set up reward systems and manage employee rewards and incentives.

Assets Allocation

Allocate and manage resources and assets to employees.

Information on depreciation

Track the status of asset depreciation over time.

Allocation or recovery of assets

Manage the allocation or recovery of assets from employees.

Assets distributed

Keep track of which assets are distributed to which employees.

Optimizing Human Resources

Ensure efficient use of human resources by optimizing deployment and reducing redundancy.

Optimizing Information

Effectively manage employee information and ensure its accuracy and up-to-date status.

List of Tasks

Maintain an up-to-date list of tasks assigned to each employee.

Procedure for the handover of work

Ensure smooth handover of tasks and responsibilities between employees during transitions.