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AI camera

AI camera

Using Camera AI, recognition is much smarter and simpler than before.

AI camera -

Manage employee work schedules in the simplest way

Learn how Tanca helps your business manage timekeeping with Camera AI

Automatic timekeeping

  • AI cameras have the ability to identify employees completely automatically when anyone appears in the frame. The camera`s recognition speed is only 0.25 seconds with a recognition distance of 1-5m. The AI camera is capable of 99.7% accurate recognition, at angles of 30 degrees or more and even in low light conditions. Ability to process identification for 50,000 people/camera and can record even when internet connection is lost.
  • Thanks to the ability to instantly identify, there is no longer a situation where employees forget to clock in, eliminating unnecessary arguments. Employee experience with the company`s HR services will be much improved.

Eliminate fraud

  • Identifying employees at a distance of up to 5m, therefore, cannot have a breakthrough like a fingerprint time clock.
  • The AI camera is also capable of recognizing even when employees wear masks or dark glasses.
  • Relying on vision and image depth, staff cannot use 2D images to fake cameras.

Reduce labor calculation by 90%.

  • Previously, the human resources department often took time to calculate time, such as having to pour data into Excel, check the time for each employee, calculate arriving late, leaving early, forgetting to time, using AI cameras and timekeeping software. of Tanca, all payroll work will be processed automatically in real time.
  • Employees can check their payroll at any time. At the end of the month, personnel only need to export timesheets to help reduce the work burden on personnel.

Automatic door opening device

  • The device operates independently but requires a network connection, linking 2 different door layers to support opening 2 doors at the same time. You can set flexible opening and closing hours via phone according to each working hour.
  • With biometric lens technology, the device can accurately distinguish real people from 3D models, even when wearing a mask, and at the same time measure body temperature, reporting the results to your phone. The device still works effectively in dark spaces, automatically turning on the light when the lens detects someone approaching.

Safer and more secure

  • AI camera is contactless technology so this device helps reduce the risk of Covid19 by not using fingerprints to authenticate timekeeping. This will help keep your employees safer.
  • This device also warns when strangers appear or when people appear in unauthorized areas, assigns recording/notification rights to a group of employees and customers appearing in certain areas or monitors. Anyone`s travel route via camera. All video and image data are transmitted instantly and are indestructible like cameras with memory cards.

Support for sales

  • Do you want to calculate how many customers visit your company or store? How many VIP guests will there be and in what area will they sit? Camera AI has the ability to statistically and record the number of appearances to help you have information about your customers.
  • In the future, AI cameras will also contribute to analyzing customer behavior, recording areas where customers often shop or supporting payments through facial recognition.

Application to other fields

  • AI cameras can be applied in the field of student attendance at schools and notifying parents of the situation, helping schools understand the number of students as well as absent students.
  • Instead of checking in with Card Visit, Camera can help count the number of customers checking in or record images of customers who have visited events so they can be saved for future events.
  • This device can also be equipped in households to ensure more effective and intelligent security monitoring.

Easy installation - simple management

  • Using Wifi connection technology, the AI camera does not need complicated wiring. The camera can be installed on the wall or placed on a tripod and can be easily moved when changing offices.
  • Setting up FaceID to use identification is also easy when you only need to use 1 image. Synchronizing all FaceIDs on the entire camera is instant and does not take time like copying fingerprints or handling the situation of not being able to clock time due to damaged fingerprints..
  • Manage camera video on the cloud through the mobile application with many flexible customization settings such as adjusting camera sound, flashing lights, sending notifications, sms to your phone, howling sound at night when detecting intrusion.

Learn how Tanca helps businesses run payroll successfully

Bảo Minh

Massive digitalization to improve business performance.

We began to digitize KPIs into the system, thereby making KPI evaluation simpler and easier to measure. The company`s performance has begun to improve.

—— HR Manager at Bảo Minh
Vạn Sanh

First time applying OKR to business.

Van Sanh applies OKRs to the design and marketing departments, while the production department uses KPIs. Since we had clear goals and criteria, our fortunes were clearer than before.

—— HR Director at Vạn Sanh Group
Tân Long

Need more professional software for performance measurement.

We have many different indicators, so qualitative and quantitative work takes a lot of time, especially if only using Excel. That`s why we need software like Tanca to start implementing more professional goals.

—— HR Director at Tân Long Group


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