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  • Flexible scheduling
  • Accurate Timesheets
  • Tracking tasks
  • Always update new information

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"Tanca reduces the weekly schedule time for employees by 79%"

Cheese Coffee CEO


Flexible store operation

Tanca helps you schedule the locations and working hours in the stores in the most flexible way. You can optimize costs by managing the detailed schedules of waitpersons, chefs, and delivery drivers. Composing a precise and logical work schedule takes a few minutes every week.

  • Forecast the cost of time and money you have to spend at each store by the week or month.
  • Schedule staff at store locations with flexible time frames.
  • Staff manage the work schedule and send suggestions for replacements if needed.
  • Any schedule changes are notified via email or instant message.

"For us, applying technology is very important for growth and sustainability. We are passionate about using modern technology to support businesses"

Nick Miller, Co-Founder at Millers Fish & Chips


Accurate time recording

With a smartphone, every employee can time tracking on their device. Time tracking becomes more straightforward with the GPS location or connecting to the store's Wifi system.

  • Accurate calculation time in and out.
  • Know the working hours at different stores.
  • Calculating the employee's time off according to the law.
  • Remind for missing by notification or email.
  • All attendance data is integrated into the payroll system.

"We can manage everything at the cafe from anywhere. Simplicity and ease of use are what we find when using Tanca."

Lucy, Café owner Marino


Tracking tasks

Manage all aspects of the store from procurement activities, store operations, or marketing programs. Managers need to use mobile apps to manage all tasks remotely.

  • Work on detailed tasks when opening a new store.
  • Attach files of revenue estimates, and cost profit.
  • Create marketing plans for customers.
  • Create weekly meeting schedules.

"We no longer need to use email or chat to announce information at the store. No information is lost, and employees know which messages are important."

Davis Tran, Ufood Store Owner


Always update new information

Publication of food safety regulations, documents on how to cook or prepare, or announce customer promotions… All are done quickly on both the application and the Web platform.

  • Create different types of notifications.
  • Select the areas or employees to send notifications to.
  • Request Seen confirmation.
  • View responses from notifications.

Data rights

Tanca complies with GDPR personal data regulations or national user data privacy regulations.

Cloud storage

Stores data on Amazon's cloud. You can use Tanca anywhere with an internet connection.

Instant support

We must respond to all of your feedbacks about service quality in at least two business hours.

The best time tracking software we have used.
Matt N
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Tanca.
Tom H
Save a lot of time, is accurate and very, very easy to use.
Victoria M
The support team always reacts fast.
Elena K

Why Tanca?

57,000 global workspaces are using Tanca to help businesses succeed. With Tanca, you not only bring good experiences to all employees but also help you earn more and succeed with Tanca.