Flexible work schedule management

Tanca helps optimize work schedules to increase productivity and flexibility for all work shifts.

Shift management

Manage and organize work shifts efficiently to ensure proper staffing and coverage.

Job Description and Posting

Create and post job descriptions to attract suitable candidates for various shifts.

Set Break Time

Easily set up lunch or break times within a shift. The system accurately calculates employees' actual working hours.

Distinguish Shifts

Differentiate remote work shifts, overtime shifts, and easily calculate the time for these shifts.

Proactive Work Schedule

Plan and create proactive work schedules to manage workloads efficiently.

Various ways to arrange shifts

Provide flexible options for arranging shifts according to employee availability and preferences.

Create Open shifts

Allow employees to pick open shifts that fit their availability.

Hourly Task Management

Manage hourly tasks, allowing managers to assign detailed tasks within working hours.

Task Grasping and Descriptions

Employees grasp task details and descriptions based on working hours.

HR Management

HR managers understand the development of personnel within their business.

Task and Employee Count

Count the number of tasks in a shift and the number of people performing tasks in various areas.