Help manage KPIs - OKR to increase work performance

Tanca helps you build an KPI - OKR system to manage and align your team's goals.


Set and track OKRs to ensure all team members are aligned to the company goals and objectives, fostering performance and growth.


Use BSC - KPI to track performance metrics and ensure strategic and operational alignment.

Company's goals

Tanca helps you set and manage the company's goals, linking them to the company strategy and overall long-term objectives.

Support for evaluation

Make better evaluations based on collected data, ensuring employee performance is aligned with the company's strategic goals and operational activities.

Criteria system

Tanca offers a criteria system to help evaluate key performance indicators and employee output.

Employee's goals

Tanca helps employees create and track their own goals, ensuring they align with the company's overall KPIs and OKRs.

Evaluation function

Improve the evaluation function of your system, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and recognize achievements.