Attendance & Leave Management

Tanca offers a variety of forms of time attendance according to the most modern model.

Convenient and Safe

Employees can check in using an application on their phone through GPS, Wifi, QR Code technology, and facial recognition.

Efficiency and Convenience

The system integrates with popular fingerprint time clocks and AI cameras on the market.

Work Shift Management

View who is currently working, who is late, and who is on a break.

Diverse Timesheet

Tanca allows you to create timekeeping sheets in various formats such as hourly, daily, overtime, tardiness, and early leave.

Types of Leave

Tanca allows you to create different types of leave in the company, such as holidays and vacations.

Diverse Leave Processes

You can configure different leave processes for employees, whether it's for short-term or long-term leave.

Leave Balance Management

Employees can manage their leave balances on their mobile devices to see what types of leave they have used and how many days of leave they have left.

Error Correction and Leave Addition

You can adjust leave balances for employees in case of errors or the need for additional leave.

Work Monitoring

You can monitor the work status of your employees - who are on a shift, who is on time, who is late, who leaves early, and who hasn't checked in.

Location Management and Safety

You can know the whereabouts of employees using GPS check-in on a map. Tanca helps you know their precise location.

Movement Tracking

You can track the movement routes of employees from one point to another, helping you know the exact time and place they have been, minimizing the risk of time fraud or incorrect location reporting.

Transparent Location

Employees and you can know their location when they check in for transparency.

Dinner/Lunch Plans

Plan to manage employees' dinner/lunch arrangements.

Meal Registration

Control the registration of meals through the request system.

Attendance Count

Check the actual number of people who have shown up for meals.

Meal Statistics and Inventory

Export meal statistics and inventory at the end of the day.