Solve human resource management problems more simply and professionally

  • Arrange work schedules, manual shift schedules
  • Time tracking is safer with AI camera
  • Complicated payroll calculation
  • Personnel records management

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"Shift swaps and leave requests are all managed online and with zero effort from managers."

Helen, Manager of XMED Medical Services


Arrange work schedules, manual shift schedules

Doctors and nurses instead of grasping their work schedule through Excel, hospital software or paper rosters, Tanca will assist in arranging a simple work schedule. Schedule changes can be corrected by administration and immediately notified by phone to the doctors.

  • Fixed or flexible working schedule.
  • Shifts open to registered employees.
  • Switch shifts from employees or managers.
  • Any shift changes are notified via email or instant message.

"We tried several pieces of time tracking software, but none of them compared to the ease of use and functionality of Tanca."

Megan, CEO of Medtech Supplies


Timekeepers are not safe, especially during the Covid season

The hospital sector is a place of contagion risk. Therefore, direct time tracking through the timekeepers will not be safe. Using AI Camera or mobile phone for time tracking will help avoid contact, be safer and more accurate.

  • Accurate calculation time in and out.
  • Know the working hours at different stores.
  • Calculating the employee's time off according to the law.
  • Automatically remind forgetting timekeeping by phone and email.

"We wanted to start off on the right foot with a system that was going to allow us to focus on growing the business."

Jack, Branch Manager of Metromed


Complicated payroll calculation

Instead of taking a few hours, a few days to do the work of calculating monthly wages and salaries, Tanca will make this work completely automatic and accurate.

  • Open API
  • Integrate with many available payroll software.
  • Integrate hotel management software, accounting software, ERP or POS

"Storing and securing personnel information of thousands of doctors and nurses is safer and more efficient than ever with Tanca. I am really satisfied with this software."

Michael, Manager of Core Medical Distribution


Personnel records management

Employee data is digitized and tracked on the system to help manage employees more efficiently, reducing paperwork and time-consuming repetitive tasks.

  • Information form.
  • Staff self-fill information and submit application.
  • Tasks to be completed in the first few days.
  • Welcome new employees throughout the system.

Data rights

Tanca complies with GDPR personal data regulations or national user data privacy regulations.

Cloud storage

Stores data on Amazon's cloud. You can use Tanca anywhere with an internet connection.

Instant support

We must respond to all of your feedbacks about service quality in at least two business hours.

The best time tracking software we have used.
Matt N
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Tanca.
Tom H
Save a lot of time, is accurate and very, very easy to use.
Victoria M
The support team always reacts fast.
Elena K

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