Manage personnel at the point of sale professionally and effectively

  • Plan your visit by tasks
  • Know the location and travel route of sales staff
  • Calculating payroll for office and sales department
  • Handling payment paperwork problems

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"I would wholeheartedly recommend Tanca to other businesses in our industry. It’s changed the way I work completely."

Jack, Area Manager of Fastrack


Plan your visit by tasks

You can create work schedules, visits of sales staff through Tanca's task management system. Tanca will allow sales staff to know their schedule and the places they need to visit during the day.

  • Manage tasks and deadlines.
  • Collaborative working process.
  • Task status.
  • Feedback from customers.

"Tanca adds a layer of professionalism and structure to everything. It makes our life very easy."

Barbara, Manager of Redline Project Logistics


Know the location and travel route of sales staff

Sales staff in the market can control via GPS positioning combined with provided images.

  • Track your travel route.
  • Bookmark destinations and pictures
  • Manage multiple employees location

"Complex formulas on Excel are applied directly on Tanca. That was amazing!"

Lauren, HR Manager of City Cargo Logistics


Calculating salary for office and sales department

Instead of taking a few hours, a few days to do the work of calculating wages and monthly salary, Tanca will make this work completely automatic. There is no human intervention so the information is completely accurate. For models that need to separate the man-hours and labor of each store, Tanca can handle it.

  • Open API
  • Integrate with many available payroll software.
  • Integrate hotel management software, accounting software, ERP or POS

"Document management has never been easier. Tanca gives us more control over the approval process."

Taylor, Area Manager of Deltarail Logistics


Handling payment paperwork problems

Logistics companies often use a variety of documents in cost payment, advance payment... Tanca will completely digitize these documents and the company can follow a multi-level approval process.

  • Holiday management.
  • Manage leave types.
  • Leave fund management.
  • Multi-day browsing rules.

Data rights

Tanca complies with GDPR personal data regulations or national user data privacy regulations.

Cloud storage

Stores data on Amazon's cloud. You can use Tanca anywhere with an internet connection.

Instant support

We must respond to all of your feedbacks about service quality in at least two business hours.

The best time tracking software we have used.
Matt N
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Tanca.
Tom H
Save a lot of time, is accurate and very, very easy to use.
Victoria M
The support team always reacts fast.
Elena K

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