Why Tanca?

Tanca is not just a technology software, but a product built to be a powerful assistant for businesses to understand what is happening in their enterprise.

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Over 57,000 Trusted Businesses

#1 Everyone Loves Tanca

In Vietnam, over 270,000 employees are using Tanca, and Tanca app has become the number 1 HR Tech app most used by employees in Vietnam. Tanca app is the first app employees open when they come to the company, becoming one of the important software for them.

#2 Trusted Organizations Choose Tanca

Tanca has received prestigious IT awards in Vietnam such as Nhan Tai Dat Viet, Sao Khue, Tech Awards, Vietsolution... Besides, Tanca has also received international awards from Gartner, HR Vendor...

#3 We Lead the Way

Tanca is a pioneering HRTech platform bringing new technologies globally to Vietnam. Tanca applies the latest timekeeping technologies, integrates AI into the software operation process, or deploys new technologies in eLearning for businesses...

#4 Fits Every Scale

Tanca is highly customizable, serving small business models or large enterprises, corporations. Customers can choose to purchase Tanca's available packages or purchase based on their required features.

#5 More Than Support

We not only support customers through available support programs, but we also evaluate customer experiences through continuous product and support quality surveys. Thus, Tanca continuously improves product quality and services.

Why Tanca is the Software of the Future?

As a Platform - tanca.io

As a Platform

Unlike other HR software in Vietnam, Tanca is built as a platform, meaning you can fully develop or integrate third-party software on Tanca's Market Place. Therefore, expanding unlimited software on Tanca's platform in the future helps you not only rely on the features that Tanca currently has.

Future Skill Comparison - tanca.io

Future Skill Comparison

With machine learning and big data technology, Tanca always predicts the human skills needed in the future or in specific areas. Tanca provides recommendations for adding and developing new skills for employees to help businesses face increasingly challenges in business.

For a Stronger Vietnam - tanca.io

For a Stronger Vietnam

We believe that only information technology is the only way to improve and enhance the labor productivity of workers. New technologies will help businesses analyze personnel data, organizations... thereby continuously improve to increase competitiveness. We aim to create high-value products to support thousands of Vietnamese businesses in truly digital transformation to support the national economy.

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