Manage remote employees and update all information for them

  • Flexible work schedule
  • Location tracking
  • Easy task assignment
  • All instant notifications

Trust by more than 57,000 workplaces

"With Tanca, we always know the work schedule of every employee anywhere"

Sara, Professional Asset Cleaning Service Manager


Flexible work schedule

The shift management interface is clear and uncluttered, making it easy for you to observe the entire work schedule of the whole company. You can build open shifts to help employees register their work schedule.

  • Fixed or flexible working schedule.
  • Shifts open to registered employees.
  • Switch shifts from employees or managers.
  • Any shift changes are notified via email or instant message.

"It is important that by positioning the locations, we can enhance the quality of service with customers."

Matthew, Co-Founder of Swift Clean


Know the employee's working position

Manage employees remotely via GPS location system. You can see when employees visit customers, pictures of completed work or jobs done.

  • Track your travel route.
  • Bookmark destinations and pictures
  • Manage multiple employees location

"We can manage everything in our company professionally and systematically.."

Darien, Director of The Maid Dispatch


Easy task assignment

Set up tasks to do at the customer's home and team coordination tasks. Assess completion status and issues to be resolved. With Tanca, all employees manage tasks easily and conveniently.

  • Manage tasks and deadlines.
  • Collaborative working process.
  • Task status.
  • Feedback from customers.

"We need all the pre-deployment notices fast and know who has read it. Tanca helps us a lot with this.."

Robert, Manager of Trygg Omsorg Service


All instant notifications

Employees receive information, rules, announcements anywhere on the Tanca application. They will always be connected with each other through comments or exchange of work.

  • Manage notifications and share for employees.
  • Request Seen confirmation.
  • Assign tasks to do.
  • Coordinate remote work of teams.

Data rights

Tanca complies with GDPR personal data regulations or national user data privacy regulations.

Cloud storage

Stores data on Amazon's cloud. You can use Tanca anywhere with an internet connection.

Instant support

We must respond to all of your feedbacks about service quality in at least two business hours.

The best time tracking software we have used.
Matt N
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Tanca.
Tom H
Save a lot of time, is accurate and very, very easy to use.
Victoria M
The support team always reacts fast.
Elena K

Why Tanca?

57,000 global workspaces are using Tanca to help businesses succeed. With Tanca, you not only bring good experiences to all employees but also help you earn more and succeed with Tanca.