Technology will help to manage the guides more professionally

  • Manage employee work schedule
  • Manage the travel route of tourist cars
  • Plan and coordinate work
  • Reduce paperwork

Trust by more than 57,000 workplaces

"Tanca helps us manage admin more efficiently so we have more time to spend on promotion."

Mary, Manager of Medi Travel International


Manage employee work schedule

The time tracking system through the application, timekeeper, and camera of Tanca will make the time tracking completely automatic. Helps you to be more idle when calculating work.

  • Fixed or flexible working schedule.
  • Shifts open to registered employees.
  • Switch shifts from employees or managers.
  • Any shift changes are notified via email or instant message.

"We have cut out many parts to our process and streamlined time management allowing our staff more time to do the things they enjoy and support our service better."

Gagnon, CEO of Jestravel


Manage the travel route of tourist cars

Instead of using the GPS route on the vehicle, you can use the location and movement tracking of the vehicle through GPS navigation on the Tanca application.

  • Track your travel route.
  • Bookmark destinations and pictures
  • Manage multiple employees location

"Tanca allowed me to spend less time planning tasks and more time meeting clients and pushing the business forward."

Abigail, Manager of Expedia


Plan and coordinate work

Departments can work together, assign tasks on Tanca system more effectively than doing on Excel or Google Sheet.

  • Manage tasks and deadlines.
  • Collaborative working process.
  • Task status.
  • Feedback from customers.

"Tanca saves us hours of reconciliation work each month."

Poppy, Manager of WorldFly


Reduce paperwork

Every employee can easily submit their leave forms and manage their leaves. They also know the approval processes, approval status, and approvers.

  • Holiday management.
  • Manage leave types.
  • Leave fund management.
  • Multi-day browsing rules.

Data rights

Tanca complies with GDPR personal data regulations or national user data privacy regulations.

Cloud storage

Stores data on Amazon's cloud. You can use Tanca anywhere with an internet connection.

Instant support

We must respond to all of your feedbacks about service quality in at least two business hours.

The best time tracking software we have used.
Matt N
I have had nothing but positive experiences with Tanca.
Tom H
Save a lot of time, is accurate and very, very easy to use.
Victoria M
The support team always reacts fast.
Elena K

Why Tanca?

57,000 global workspaces are using Tanca to help businesses succeed. With Tanca, you not only bring good experiences to all employees but also help you earn more and succeed with Tanca.