Manage dense teaching schedules and complex shifts of teachers

  • Address complex work schedule issues
  • Track location
  • Instant notifications to teachers
  • Accurate payroll calculation

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"Tanca has reduced our management time from 40-50 hours per week by allowing employees, after declaring shifts, to register for additional shifts."

William, Principal at EduCrib


Address complex work schedule issues

Easily assign teaching shifts for teachers. Manage complex work schedules in multiple ways such as shift registration, scheduling shifts, or importing schedules into the system... Tanca addresses all scheduling management issues for preschools, elementary schools, high schools, or universities...

  • Fixed or flexible work schedules.
  • Open shifts for employee registration.
  • Shift swaps between employees or managers.
  • Any shift changes are notified via email or instant message.

"I still feel I control my timesheet, because whenever I can see and know where we are with Tanca."

Millenia, Deputy Head of Strat Mark Academy


Track location

Manage teachers remotely through GPS tracking system. You can see teachers teaching at different schools, images of completed work or tasks done.

  • Track your travel route.
  • Pin destinations and images
  • Manage multiple employee locations

"Tanca's communication system is very convenient and helpful. We can update all information and rules at school."

George, Principal of Little Stars Kindergarten


Instant notifications to teachers

Teachers receive information, rules and notifications anywhere on the Tanca app. They are always connected through feedback or work exchanges.

  • Manage notifications and share with employees.
  • Request confirmation read.
  • Assign tasks to do.
  • Coordinate team work from a distance.

"Since using payroll software on Tanca, complex payroll is no longer a problem for human resources department."

Jessica, Principal of Heygreen Elementary School


Accurate payroll calculation

Legislation changes from one country to another, so Tanca calculates the easiest time to integrate into your country's salary systems. All data is consistent with agricultural standards.

  • Open API
  • Integration with many existing payroll software.
  • Integration of hotel management software, accounting software, ERP or POS

Droits des données

Tanca se conforme aux réglementations GDPR sur les données personnelles ou aux réglementations nationales sur la confidentialité des données des utilisateurs.

Stockage cloud

Stocke les données sur le cloud d'Amazon. Vous pouvez utiliser Tanca partout avec une connexion internet.

Support instantané

Nous devons répondre à tous vos retours sur la qualité du service dans un délai de deux heures ouvrables.

Best time tracking software we've used.
Matt N
I only have positive experiences with Tanca.
Tom H
Saves a lot of time, accurate and very, very easy to use.
Victoria M
Support team always responds quickly.
Elena K

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